Arawasi contest #8

Saturday, 14 April 2012

VIPs - Showa L2D (Douglas DC-3) - 零式輸送機 #4

In this photo from a vintage publication Maj General Nishihara (on the left) is ready to take off from Haneda airport with three other officers on June 26, 1940 to inspect whether the colonial authorities of French Indochina are enforcing the blockade of weapons towards Chiang Kai-shek that came into effect after the strong protests of the Japanese.



Harold K said...

Looking at the shape of the engine cowling, I have to wonder if this aircraft is actually a DC-2 rather than a DC-3 variant.
Too bad we don't see the nose; the landing lights (or not) would be a dead giveaway.

Arawasi said...

Hmmm....non-J planes is not my expertise really. The landing gear and the antenna under the nose looked DC-3 to me...but maybe you are right. Perhaps somebody else can offer an opinion?