Arawasi contest #8

Friday, 13 July 2012

Mitsubishi F1M "Reikan" (Pete) - Nakajima E8N (Dave)

A photo from a vintage magazine. A Mitsubishi F1M and a Nakajima E8N right before taking off on another mission somewhere in the South Pacific.
I have not seen many photos of Daves operating in the S. Pacific from seaplane bases or islands. From warships yes, from islands not many.

From the hills in the background location seems likely Malaguna Beach, Simpson Harbor, Rabaul. Luca Ruffato


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RowanD said...

Not Malaguna. Perhaps Raluana beach? The WW2 sea plane base was at Matupit Island near the old BP wharf, but the photo is not there. It is not at Salamaua, nor Garove Is.

Look closely at the foreshore, and banana tree. No tide line, and no waves. This is a freshwater lake. My first guess is Lake Wisdom on Long Is. Next guess is Lake Dakataua.