Arawasi contest #8

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Mitsubishi G3M (Nell) / 九六式陸上攻撃機

A rather interesting photo, if you know your Nell, from a vintage magazine.
The prop sans spinner and the long cowling air intake indicates that this is either a Model 21 G3M2-a with the two retractable turrets or a Model 22 G3M2-b with the big "turtle back" turret without spinners. Possibly Genzan or Mihoro Kokutais (date and location unknown).
Note the combination of two 60kg and one 250kg bombs and the 2-tone top camouflage. Quite puzzling is the way the fuselage Hinomaru looks as if the lower part has faded or is washed-out.


Here's a close-up of the bombs. Emilio in his comment was wright, the 60kg bombs are indeed three. According to FAOW#91, p. 28 this configuration (3X60kg, 1 or 2X250kg) was common during operations in the China theatre. Note their different colours.


Emilio said...

I see three 60kg bomb, and I think she carries four.

Ryan B. said...

One argument for odd appearance of the hinomaru is that it's in the almost horizontal shadow of the port wing.