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Friday, 20 July 2012

Nipponki '46: TTomcat Collection

TTomcat shared with our blog some of his very interesting what-if "Nipponki '46" models.

Just finished this today! (13/7/2012) Its far from perfect. I got an old beat up 1/32 109 that was missing the cowling and canopy. A big restoration project ensued but I soon ran out of steam and could not figure out what to do after stripping the paint. I didn't want to take parts from another fresh 109 to make it work and I didn't want to cast anything either. I planned to make it a Radial for some time but then realized that a P-38 prop and spinner from another project fit the bill, and the "Mike" was back on! So I used styrene to bolster and cover the gaps and used a 1/48 Raiden canopy cut to fit. (radians have big canopies so its not too small for 1/32) The wash on the underside is not that hot, it was still flat and not glossed so when I washed it stayed!!  Used fine sand paper to get some of it off. Its painted with Rattle bombs.  Finished with some pastels and the decals came from the spares box. SWMBO helped me apply them because she is the best!
So the "Mighty Mike" is finished. Its kind of odd looking, I can't decide if it looks like a LaGG or P-40 or Ki-61 or 109... I do like it though. It sure looks Japanese to me! TTomcat

Bought this B-17F from Cliffy B and I noted that this old 1/72 Revell kit really does not look like a B-17  :blink: So I cut out sections of the wings to save shelf space (for the back story it is meant to make it faster!) Lengthened the engine nacelles with 1/48 F-14 Exhausts (which also added some much needed detail) And then cut the fronts off of the 1/48 engine faces for the spinners on the props. The tail fins are from an old and busted 1/48 A-10. It was supposed to be a quick project but like all my builds took longer than expected! TTomcat

 I think I can imagine what the "color police" is already thinking.
For the Lag-Hien: There should have been yellow IFF stripes, the camo is not very correct and the unit marking should be on the tail instead of the fuselage side.
For the Jyubakugekiki: The overall colors looks deliciously chocolat, the IFF stripes are positioned wrong and the tail marking is incorrect...
BUT personally I like very much both ideas! and what's more important than anyone's opinion it seems that TTomcat really enjoyed building these models. So instead of nagging let's see your more "accurate" what-if models. 
Thank you very much TTomcat for your kind words and contributions.

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D. Chouinard said...

Very creative! That "sort of" '109 almost reminds me of a He-100.

I like them both!