Monday 13 August 2012


A brand new publication entitled "Hondo Boku Sentoki Tai" (Mainland Air Defence Fighter Unit) with 13 stories starring lots of Japanese what-if and X-planes, written and beautifully illustrated by artist Takizawa Seiho. The stories were orinally featured in the magazine Model Graphics (9/1990-8/1992 & 3/1994-12/1995). 218 pages, published by "LEED", all in Japanese, price 350Yen or $US5 or 4€.
Take a good look at the cover!


Harold K said...

Very nice!
Is that an FW 190D or a Ta 152 or some sort of hybrid?

Arawasi said...

Good eye Harold!
According to the story some Japanese pilot from the Test Department of the IJAAF had the idea to install a Jumo213, that was built based on an imported for testing Jumo 210, to the only example of a Fw190 in Japanese hands, resulting in a "new" plane put to combat against B-29s.

Milo Burgh said...

Wow! This is very good! I would like to see it in english.

Harold K said...

The scar/stitches on the pilot's forehead must figure in the story.
A Japanese Harry Potter plotline?

D. Chouinard said...

Very cool!

I like the Fw-190D-9 "hybrid"! That's going to have me thinking for a while, a good way to make anyone look twice at a model contest.

That would have been a serious gash across the pilot's head to leave a scar like that, ouch!

Looks like a fun read along with great artwork. Now I need to learn Japanese! :)


Arawasi said...

We were thinking about tanslating one of the stories and posting it here one page every day and then remove it. But we are not sure if there is enough interest and we worry a lot about copyright issues.

D. Chouinard said...

I can't speak for the interest of others, but I would be very interested for sure, however copyright may be the main issue.

It would depend on how aggressive the publisher would be about protecting it. Not worth the risk to find out.


Anonymous said...

It's a Very Nice cover and I would appreciate a translated edition very much. But- bad experience with copyright says be careful with what you do!
This Ta 152 high alitude interceptor would have been a serious threat to the Superfotresses as well as the Mustangs and T'bolts. It could outrun any other plane!


Unknown said...

ΥYes, me too!!!