Friday 16 August 2013

Civilian Aviation - "Aviation Day" - Douglas DC-3

On September 20, 1941, with the opportunity of the Aviation Day celebrations, Dai Nippon Hiko Kyokai (Great Japan Aviation Society) took the chance to sponsor flights in the Tokyo-Osaka-Fukuoka route for mothers and their children.

"In order to cultivate the love of flight to children, the support of mothers is absolutely necessary. So to dampen any motherly fear of flight, they are all invited to experience flying first hand" as the article entitled "Mothers, please grow fond of the airplanes!"said.
In the photos taken in Tokyo's Haneda airport, Dai Nippon KK members are welcoming the passengers. The DC-3 in the photo is registered J-BDOL and named Kashiwa (Japanese Oak). Note the toy plane and the "air girl" offering "bento" (lunch box). 



Anonymous said...

Hi, Arawasi' readers!

I'm not sure, that aircraft on the first picture is DC-3. Or, perhaps the photo has been extensively retouched?

Arawasi said...

Good eye.
In the first photo the aircraft in the background, irrelevant to the subject of the article, is a Mitsubishi MC-20.
In the other photos it's DC-3 J-BDOL.