Friday, 31 October 2014

Nakajima G8N "Renzan" (Rita) #2 - Photos

Prototype Number 4 found at the Nakajima plant in Koizumi, Gunma prefecture. This was the one that was brought back to the States for testing.
Three photos of Prototype Number 2 found in Misawa base, Aomori Prefecture. It suffered serious damage on the fuselage, as can be seen in the photos, when it was strafed during an air raid. 

All photos from NARA.


Fluffy said...

I wonder what the Renzan was doing up at Misawa. I was born at Misawa AFB in 1979 and love to learn about its history.

Arawasi said...

I guess because Northern Japan could be out of range of the US planes and thus safer.