Thursday 3 August 2017

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 005 - DEREK COOPER

Here is my entry for the current on-line model contest. 
Continuing with my obsession with Japanese aircraft under new management, this is a "Rufe" that was captured by ATAIU-SEA at the end of the Pacific War. Evidently it was given to the French Aéronavale, but sank at the start of its first mission on 19 September 1945.
The kit is from Hasegawa painted in Tamiya acrylics, with decals from Rising Decals' "Dying Sun Part IV".
With best wishes,
Derek Cooper


Michael Thurow said...

Very nicely build. I like the clean looks and the colours.
4.5 from me.
Although repeated untiringly, even in most recent publications, it seems now quite certain that there were no brown spinners in the JNAF (normally green, or natural metal in case of replacement props).

Arawasi said...

"it seems now quite certain that there were no brown spinners in the JNAF"
Really? That's news! Who says that? Where?

Arawasi said...

Check this one, for example:

Anonymous said...

Another well done Rufe! I vote 4.6.

Wind Swords

Michael Thurow said...

Thanks for your response, George, but this picture ( shows a J2M3 with a green spinner! In my comment I referred to research of Nick Millman who has not found proof of brown spinners on those JNAF aircraft he researched, particularly not on J2Ms. Please see his comment in 'Mitsubishi J2M Raiden Colour Notes'. Unfortunately his website is not accessible and the community is concerned about his whereabouts. So I can't quote more on this topic momentarily.
Of course it's OK if modellers paint spinners brown but for me this is a JAAF feature. Other opinions welcome.
Happy modelling!

Arawasi said...

Sorry my bad. I read it too quickly and thought you were talking about propellers. So, green spinners...okay. I hear you.
You say "who has not found proof of brown spinners on those JNAF aircraft he researched, particularly not on J2Ms". So ,I guess this means if proof for brown spinners is found then we can go back and say that everybody was right all along. This reminds me of something...but hey, okay, green spinners it is then. No need to argue as The Cranberries say.

Michael Thurow said...

I need to make some corrections, too. The topic didn't leave me alone, and I looked into everything I had from Nick. In Combat Colours No.9 about the Zero he mentions that 'late' propellers may have been painted brown to 'match the blades'. I'm not convinced though. It could also be the brown primer on props before or instead of being painted aluminium (if they were painted and not just left NMF...)?? Any brown evidence would be very revealing indeed.

d. Chouinard said...

Interesting conversation. I'm not convinced that there were no brown spinners, but that's my opinion. Short of digging up an actual spinner with brown paint left on it, we may never be able to say 100%. I have no idea of how Nick conducts his research, or what he has at his disposal. As for his blog being down, I have seen that happen before.

As for the model, it looks very good, almost factory fresh. In my eyes, it needs a little wear, but everyone builds to their own tastes, no problem! 4.6

Michael Furry said...

After reading the comments and spirited discussion regarding spinner colors, Franks (2014) states: "Just remember, nothing is an absolute when it comes to camouflage and markings" (pg.53). I think his statement would benefit many in the modeling community. The cited publication is a work on a unique German aircraft, but his comment on camouflage applies to the above discussion.

Franks, R. A. (2014) The Blohm and Voss BV 141 A Technical Guide. Bedford, UK: Valiant Wings Publishing Ltd

Arawasi said...

Camouflage applied at unit level is one thing, official instructions as to how the propellers and spinners (and cockpits for that matter) should be painted is another. My 2 yen.

Michael Thurow said...

I'm sorry that the discussion I raised usurped Derek's excellent model display. So, once again a 4.5 from me.

Arawasi said...

No problem at all Michael. On the contrary.

The kit slayer said...

Interesting model especially the scheme chosen. 4.0

Spinner debate is also interesting we have come a long way in understanding WW2 colour schemes and seems we have a long way to go.

Honza78 said...

Beautiful Rufe. 4,6.

Jacob said...

Ah! Amazing and eye-catching. 4.9 for this well done A6M2-N

Arawasi said...

Excellent job, Derek. Interesting subject too. 4.8

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments about my model. Apologies - the scale is 1/72.
With best wishes,
Derek Cooper

Anonymous said...

I don't know if a posting I made earlier today got through, but in case it didn't: thank you to everyone for the kind comments about my model. The scale is 1/72, and I apologise for omitting this information earlier.

I must admit that I was blissfully unaware of the "brown prop spinner" controversy when I made the model, and simply followed Rising Decals' painting instructions. However, to put things into perspective, the photographs that exist of the Aeronaval Rufe see to show it in a fairly pristine condition. One must therefore ask if it was completely repainted by the Aeronaval (or indeed ATAIU) when they acquired it, in which case they may very well have decided to paint the prop spinner brown!!!
Best regards,
Derek Cooper

Eric Vogel said...

Great build and finish on this Rufe. Personally I would have put a bit of variation in the green paint.
Interesting choice for the ATAIU decals.
My vote: 4.7

Fluffy said...

Another great Rufe 4.6