Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Northern Virginia Scale Modelers Classic

The Northern Virginia Scale Modelers Classic was held on Saturday April 21. This model show is a yearly event held in Fairfax,Virginia just minutes away from Washington D.C. The model show is a large event with hundreds of model on display. As usual, the Northern Virginia Scale Modelers did a fantastic job hosting this event.
- Michael Furry -
Below are models in 1/72.
And below are the 1/48 models.


D. Chouinard said...

Some very nice models there, great verity! Hard to pick a favorite, quite a few have something I like about them. The only thing that has me wondering are the ailerons on the Mavis? Either it's an unknown feature, or it's a mistake that some people make when deflecting the ailerons.

Anonymous said...

Mavis ailerons is a mistake, no doubt. And it's paint flaking is excessive and unrealistic.
Betty launching Ohka is interesting, propellers need to be spinning, nice idea unfinished.
I'm very pleased to see modern Mitsubishi F-2. Why is JASDF so little modeled?