Monday 25 June 2018

Cable Fairings - A Solution by Michael Thurow

When I read Michael Furry's build report of his E8N Dave and about the lack of streamlined cable fairings a method came to mind that I devised many years ago for an E13A model.
   I use paper strips that I form into a cone and cut to the required shape and size as per attached pictures (sorry for the picture quality and the poor fit to the cable - I quickly modelled this example just a moment ago and it took me about 10 minutes). I employed a variation of this method on the leg of the P-26 that I currently build.  I think the result (see photo) is quite convincing.
  The technique is very flexible, allowing for different sizes and shapes, flat or round, with large or small openings. Covered with several layers of plastic and/or instant glue the tiny pieces become reasonably hard and can even be sanded.
- Michael Thurow -



Michael Furry said...

Clever idea! At one point I considered using the fairings from my Hobbycraft P-26, but they looked a bit oversized. I will need to try your technique.


D. Chouinard said...

Great idea! The Mitsubishi F1M has these fairings all over the place as well.

MH said...

I copy your fine idea.
Thank you.

Miro H