Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Scalefest 2018

2018 IPMS Scalefest
Grapevine, TX.
Held on a very hot June 2nd, it was cool inside, with a number of different J-planes on the tables this year. Almost all were singe engine fighters, no medium to large bombers or transports. Scales ranged from a 1/32 Ki-84 to a tiny 1/144 "Rufe" with most being 1/48 and a couple 1/72nd thrown in for good measure.
Of particular note was the large scale, and well worn looking, Ki-84 Hayate. and a 1/48 Ki-27 with very effective paint chipping effect. There was also a nice trio of Ki-61 Hien, and a B6N2 Tenzan.
Lastly, and because I found it interesting, a Tachikoma and Major Kusanagi figure from the anime "Ghost in the Shell".
- Devlin Chouinard -


Bill Weckel said...

That Ki-27's paint job is masterful. I'm also liking the B6N2. The torpedo looks like it has some green overspray (but it's hard to see given the angle and only a single photo.) Does anyone have any comments on the color of the torpedo?

D. Chouinard said...

I had a look at another photo I took, it looks to be a gray/green color. I wouldn't take it face value, though. The lighting was not great and I didn't have my best camera with me that day.

Anonymous said...

It definitely looks like green overspray on the wing IFF markings for that B6N2. All the models look great. Thanks for sharing.

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