Friday 3 May 2019

Mitsubishi L3Y2 "Nell" transport - Navy Paratroopers - video

A quite rare video today from the NHK collection featuring Navy paratroopers during training. They fly with Mitsubishi L3Y2 transports belonging to the "1 Tokusetsu Koku Kichi-tai" (1st Special Air Base unit) as indicated by the tail marking of "1キ-XXX".
  According to Akimoto, the unit was organized on June 10, 1942 in Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture to safekeep, maintain and transport material and provisions for air bases. A support unit for Naval units operating from land bases. The unit was first disbanded on October 1, 1942 but was reactivated as "11 Tokusetsu Koku Kichi-tai" on September 1, 1943 in Katori, Chiba Prefecture but was again disbanded on February 1, 1944. They also used the letter "T" in red for their marking. 
I'm sure you enjoy the "Ride of the Valkyries" in the background. I wonder who else had the idea to use this music in a scene featuring airborne troops :) 


Brendan M. said...

Interesting video. What do you think are the objects on the bellies of the "Nells"?

Best wishes,

D. Chouinard said...

Looks like a tight fit in a G3M! (Yes, the music!) Thanks for posting!

Arawasi said...

Good eye Brendan. I believe they are cannisters containing the guns, amunition and provisions for the paratroopers.

Harold K said...

I noticed the objects on the bomb racks too and agree they must be supply containers.
Easily one of the best videos you have found for us, George!