Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 014

Monday, 5 August 2019

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 012 - MICHAEL THUROW

Michael Thurow’s Kugisho D4Y3 Suisei - 1/48 Fine Molds

My contest entry represents the late D4Y3 variant of Yokosuka's scout bomber with a Mitsubishi Kinsei 14-cylinder radial in place of the earlier Daimler-Benz in-line derivative. リ-266 belonged to the Hyakuri Kokutai, an operational training unit. It was involved in at least one combat mission in November 1944 flown by Lt(jg) Kiyoshi Arasu.
The Fine Molds kit turned out to be less satisfactory than I had expected. A number of adjustments were necessary and I used available after-market items to upgrade the model. My build report with details is published HERE in two parts.
Thanks for your expert judgement. It is very welcome.
Michael Thurow - Germany


Baronvonrob said...

What a superb example ..Brilliant workmanship along with creative and interesting photos. I dig the "in flight" pic as well as the figures.

Well Done !

10 please

Honza78 said...

This is a beautiful plane. More of these.
Good work. 8.5 points.

George Bryant said...

9.8 for me. Excellent fit and finish and the added detail is simply amazing. I only wish my work was that good.

D. Chouinard said...

Absolutely love the in flight photo. Great work on a surprisingly difficult kit. 9.5

Eric Vogel said...

I like it!! All those details in the cockpit and the " overall" look of the plane, just great. Nice addition with the flag.
9.5 for me.

MH said...

The flight photo is easily fabulous.
I like it.

I give 9,9 points.


Michael Furry said...

Great work on a very challenging kit. These are notorious for major fit problems of almost every part. I like that you chose to build the radial engine version, these are not often seen.
Well done! 9.0


Arawasi said...

I really don't see anything I don't like. Great looking and very interesting subject. The effort alone diserves a 10