Sunday, 17 January 2021

Drop tank production - video

Thought I had posted this many years ago, but Tommy Vicard from France reminded us we haven't you go.

The narrator in this October 1944 clip from the NHK collection, explains:

"This is a school factory in Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, which builds wooden auxiliary tanks, indispensable for modern air combat. 
First, cut the wood to make it thinner.
Then paste it on the crate.
Next, attach the cloth.
And finally, if you apply paint, you have a good auxiliary tank. 
With the effort of the female students, the number of auxiliary tanks built here is now higher than expected, and they are being sent out one after another aiming for the upcoming aviation decisive battle."

The school was the Girl's High School in Takayama which still exists today but, ofcourse, with a different name.
Merci Tommy.

Many years ago the late Owaki Katsushi gave me a piece of an IJAAF drop tank. An authentic relic showing the weaving patern of the wood with the paper on top and showcasing the IJAAF hairyokushoku


Baronvonrob said...

Fascinating and rare footage ..thanks for the post !

Brendan McGovern said...

What an interesting video, thanks for posting it! Any idea what type of wood was used in the sample that you have?

Best wishes,
Brendan McGovern

Antoine said...

the NHK collection is a must !!