Wednesday 21 September 2022

Mitsubishi J2M "Raiden" (Jack) by Rising Decals

Last December Rising Decals released a quite nice set dedicated to the Mitsubishi J2M "Raiden" (Jack) in 1/72.
The set includes markings for eight aircraft:

J2M3 model 21 "352-50", 352nd Kokutai named "Kusanagi", Omura airbase, Nagasaki prefecture, March 1945
J2M6 model 31 (or J2M5 model 33) "352-18", 352nd Kokutai, Japan 1945
J2M3 model 21 "02-615", s/n 3026, 381st Kokutai, 602nd Hikotai, Sepinggan airbase, Balikpapan, Borneo, autumn 1944
J2M3 model 21 "BI-01", 381st Kokutai, Singapore, Malaya, 1945
J2M2 model 11 "32-101", 332nd Kokutai, Naruo airbase, Hyogo prefecture, Japan, 1944
J2M2 model 11 "81-101", s/n 2024, Mitsubishi Aircraft and Engine Works, Nagoya, Japan, September 1945 
J2M2 14-Shi interceptor Kai (trial a/c) "YoC-104", 301st Kokutai, Oppama airbase, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan, December 1943
J2M3 model 21 "81-124", s/n 3013, 381st Kokutai, Dewey Bouleward airbase, Philippines, late 1944

Here are the instructions and the decal set.

We will discuss in detail the various aircraft in forthcoming posts, so stay tuned!

Thanks a lot, Mirek for the sample.

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My favourite Japanese Naval aircraft.