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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Breda Ba.33 J-BANC

On April 23, 1932, at Haneda airfield, there was a ceremony held by Osaka Mainichi Shimbun to present the two latest additions to the newspaper fleet; a Breda 33 and a Lockheed Altair. On that day pilot Okura flew with the Breda33 for the first time with Minister of Communication Mitsuchi Chuzo as passenger.
The Breda 33 became the 23rd plane in the newspaper’s fleet and received the registration J-BANC. It was destroyed in Hiroshima’s Army training field (date unknown).

昭和7年4月23日、羽田飛行場にて大阪毎日新聞社の新鋭機2機(ブレダ33とロッキード アルテア)の披露式が行われた。三土忠造逓信大臣は大蔵飛行士操縦のブレダ33に初めて同乗飛行を行った。

Note that in this in-flight photo the aircraft doesn't carry any hinomaru on the wings. These were added at some later date.

Japanese modeller "Avion Road" shared with us photos of his incredibly beautiful model in 1/72 by French resin maker Dujin. Don't forget to visit his site (HERE) for more civilian and pre-war Japanese aircraft models, more photos of which we hope to feature soon.

フランスのレジンキット「Dujin」 1/72 で作られた美しい作品です。

Thank you very much "Avion Road" for your contribution to our blog!


Harold K said...

EXCEPTIONAL work shown on "Avion Road"!
On the Breda, what is the "star and bar" marking on the underside of the wings? Something to do with the newspaper?
Harold K

Arawasi said...

Yes, that's right. It's the newspaper logo.

Anonymous said...

That's an absolutely gorgeous piece of work. So refreshing to see a model in such a striking civil scheme.