Saturday 15 September 2012


Bunrindo just released a new publication on their FAOW Special Edition Series; Number #6 on the Type Zero Carrier Fighter. 208pages, 300 photos of which 38 in colour. 15 colour illustrations. All in Japanese.

Overall: A rehash of previous material. After Maru and Model Art now it's Bunrindo's turn to reprint old stuff for new modelers (Gakken to follow?). Our Model Art review (here) is pretty much valid for this one too. VERY poor coverage of the A6M2-N and A6M2-K and no colour illustrations of either models. Only exception the half a dozen colour illustrations by Master Watanabe Rikyu thoughtlessly and disrespectfully placed between pages with the horrible "valley" destroying the beauty of the artwork.
Very disappointing publication...It seems that the Japanese publishers have totally lost touch with their audience who are thirsty for new books on previously untouched subjects. No books even on other Navy or Army fighters but instead they keep releasing books on the Zero again and again while at the same time complain there is no interest. Duh! No interesting books, no interest.
Get this one only if you have just discovered that the Japanese Navy had a fighter called "Zero".

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