Thursday, 18 May 2017

Shizuoka 2017 pt. 7

First an announcement: after popular request the "Hayabusa" contest deadline has been moved to May 31. All of us who haven't delivered yet we have little more time. 
And now for the Japanese models that impressed me the most. I don't know if you will agree they are the best of the show but hey are the ones I spent more time in front of them than any other.
First up an exquisite 13Shiki Carrier Bomber or Mitsubishi B1M3 built by Mori-san of the Kyushu Plastic Modelers Society. It's a Choroszy Modelbud in 1/48 that was featured in the Model Art special biplane modeling guide.

Next is a Zero Model 21 built by Matsumoto-san of the Niigata Aircraft Modelers I liked for its simplicity. It's a Doyousha in 1/32.

There were two modellers that worked hard to improve their Nichimo "Jakes":
Funakoshi-san of the Tobanaikai from Kansai area.

And Niwa-san from Wakayama Non Flight Club.

I also liked very much the "Gekko" night fighter built by an unnamed modeler of the Modellers Club Rockwave. Tamiya 1/48.

Another absolutely stunning biplane was the Salmson built by Wada-san also of the Wakayama Non Flight Club. A Wingnut kit in 1/32.

There were two what-ifs I absolutely loved!
First a monster combining features of various different aircraft; fuselage-Seafury, main and tail wing-Reppu, canopy-Fw190, propeller blades-P-47 and more. The end result somehow makes sense though. Inspired by the recent publication "Arukimu no Kaze" (more about this book soon). Built by Fujii-san (can't remember the club; sorry). Note the spinning prop.

The other one was built by Sayabuu-san of the Oshiire Modelers Club and was a fantastic civilian "Betty" inspired by an illustration featured in Gakken#42. Tamiya 1/48.

The Oshiire Modelers Club had an excellent nostalgic presentation of some vintage kits.

There were two very impressive "skeleton" models.
One built by Hanyu-san based on the DeAgostini Zero in 1/16 with various additions and improvements.

And the other a "Shiden-kai" built by Mayama-san of the Kyu Nippon RikuKaigun Shiriokan -  Yamato. Scale probably 1/16 unfortunately without any further details.

And my absolutely favourite was the incredible diorama built by Miyazaki-san (aka Mighty O) of the MERKUR club from Saitama (yeah baby!). The title is "Eiga [Tora! Tora! Tora] Akagi open set" and represents the Akagi deck set of the movie "Tora! Tora! Tora!" in 1/144. There is a rumour there are two penguins somewhere...
Couldn't spend enough time if front of it. Bravo Mighty O!!! 



Harold K said...

The Akagi movie set is one of the most creative modeling ideas I have EVER seen; beautifully realized, too.
That Betty airliner is just fabulous. Love the idea and the color scheme.

Bob Alford said...

Part 7 has some really wonderful models - the best of the lot and the carrier deck diorama is a real work of art.

Many thanks for showing these.

Bob Alford
Lampang Thailand

D. Chouinard said...

I agree, these are the best. Some very interesting models, some you hardly ever see. I like the "what if" Betty and the A7M-Fw-190-Sea Fury creation!