Friday, 19 May 2017

Shizuoka 2017 pt. 8

And finally, for the first time on this blog, photos of everything else I saw and liked on the Shizuoka show this year.




Armour & dioramas









Eric Vogel said...

Thanks a lot for sharing all these pictures with us !!



D. Chouinard said...

Amazing! Where do I start? The mistel, the Hanley-Page 0-400, the dioramas, and everything in between! (I like the pirate flying boat from Porco Rosso too!)

Danilo said...

Stunning modeling show. I am surprised at seeing several Italian subjects opposed to the usual fleet of German tanks and troops.
I enjoyed very much a mistake occurred in compiling the explaining card of the Ansaldo SVA (otherwise a beautiful model) whose name in Italian is "Balilla": in the card the name was erroneously shown as "Barilla" that actually is the name of a well known Italian pasta producer!! More Italian than this...
Thank for this wide selection of models and diorama, I enjoyed