Monday, 30 October 2017

Mitsubishi J2M "Raiden" by Mark Jahsan

Received the Flying Papa's decal set for my contribution in the last contest and wanted to show it wasn't just tossed in the stash! 
I've built a couple of the old Tamiya Mitsubishi "Raiden", this was my first Otaki one, builds like all the rest, quick and easy. There's newer, better kits, but it still makes a nice model.
Done as one captured in Singapore I believe, there's a well-known pic of this and a stablemate over the Malaysian jungle.
While I appreciate the gift, the decals themselves were a little disappointing, with a weird pixelation:
I used the lettering, but replaced the roundels with some from the stash.
It still looks good from a distance though, and it's just a shelfsitter, a quickie build to finish something while I've been procrastinating on my bigger builds.

- Mark Jahsan -
Thanks Mark. Your "Raiden" looks lovely. Will complain to Flying Papa's and rest assured your suggestion for a future contest theme will be put into good use.


D. Chouinard said...

Nice looking Raiden! Airfix had the same problem with their decals for a short time. Yes, sometimes the older kits are a good, quick build to keep things moving along.

Mark Jahsan said...

Thanks for cleaning up my commentary! And again, thanks for the decals, very generous and I do appreciate them.