Sunday, 11 March 2018

"THE EAGLES OF MANCHUKUO, 1932-1945" - comments

We recently received some very positive comments from friends who got our "THE EAGLES OF MANCHUKUO, 1932-1945: An Illustrated History of the Civilian and Military Aviation" so we thought of sharing these with you. 
"It really is a true labor of love on you and your wife's part. Some really great period photos and graphics, and engrossing text, stories, and news. I am enjoying it very much." - DK, USA
"Received the book yesterday and rushed home to browse though it. I had less than an hour to do so. I just looked on the illustrations and read a few paragraphs here and there but enough to put this on the top of my to read list. Oh, and I arrived half an hour late to my appointment. Just couldn't put the book down." - CD, Denmark
"Very nice job on your and your wife’s part. I’ve been glued to it since it arrived." - HW, USA
"The Manchukuo book is really excellent, in particular the coloured profiles." - EB, Ireland


Paul Frawley said...

Awesome book! Hopefully there is another Japanese related aviation book in the works from the team at Arawasi.

D. Chouinard said...

Yes, a very well done book on an often overlooked subject.