Sunday, 19 September 2021

Mitsubishi Ki-21 "Sally"

Another photo of a Model 2 Ko in a quite interesting camouflage scheme.

The overall hairyokushoku has green or brown camouflage paint applied on the top surfaces surrounded by a lighter paint, I would suggest yellow as it is slightly darker than the white fuselage band.  
This kind of camouflage was more common with other IJAAF aircraft types in China, so a Model 2 with this camo is really unusual. The pattern largely depended on the arsenal or the depot that painted the aircraft. Unfortunately, no tail marking has been applied and wartime censors have erased the machine guns in the nose and dorsal positions.

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Michael Thurow said...

Hi George,
This is a very interesting and attractive camouflage. To me it looks like hairyuokushoku underside and green/brown blotched uppersurfaces with hairyokushoku borders, like on some Ki-51 Sonias.
Thanks for showing this picture.
Cheers, Michael