Friday 10 January 2020

Mitsubishi Ki-51 "Sonia" by Jean Barby

My first take of the year, the Ki-51 from Wingsy kits. Nice kit but I run to some unexpected problems like a bad reaction of the plastic to any kind of glue, larger pins than holes in general, a different fuselage width than the wings, a clear moving part of the canopy which could have been thinner. Apart from those comments, it gives a good looking Ki-51 and I wish this kit to last as long as the Nichimo one! Plane from the 6th Hikotai in China in 42, no decals, all masks. 

Jean Barby



Honza78 said...

Amazing, beautiful work.

Dan Salamone said...

Beautiful as always, Jean. Which glue did you find work the best with the plastic? The kit is in my "to do" stack at home and was curious.


Dan Salamone said...

Thanks, Jean! I had read about someone else also having issues with gluing this plastic, good to know ahead of time....

Oh, assuming that you also used the kit supplied canopy masks. Did they work well? Eduard also makes a new set, but if the kit masks are good would like to save the money. ;-)


MH said...

I like this. Ki-51 is my favourite plane. Beautiful camo and details, mostly the rear gun and bombs.
My full respect for your creative handling.
In contest I would prefer a 10 points!

Miro Herold

Dan Salamone said...

Thanks again, Jean. I used the Dead Design masks on my Fine Molds Ki-15, and they were great all around. Appreciate the feedback!


Baronvonrob said...

Well Done Monsieur Barby ....Thank you for sharing the photos !