Saturday 4 January 2020

VIPs - Fokker Super Universal - Manshu Koku K.K.

We start the year with more stills from an "Asahi Shimbun" collection video dated January 1, 1935. It features extremely rare footage of a Fokker Super Universal flown by Manshu Koku KK. The registration is not clearly visible but I believe it's "M-138" (Super Universals M-135 & M-139 were added to the MKKK fleet some time in 1935). The airfield setting with the mountains in the background closely resembles Lianshan airfield in Lianoning Province
Unfortunately the video narration caption are generic and do not offer information as who were the VIP's on-board the aircraft.
The video is HERE.

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Thanks for sharing the video and stills!

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