Sunday, 3 May 2020

IJAAF & IJNAF wrecked aircraft #13 - Yokosuka, Tateyama Ku, Mitsubishi A6M2 & Yokosuka B4Y Pt. 2

The little known clip today, from here, taken in Yokosuka features a beautiful Mitsubishi A6M2 not assigned to any kokutai and a line-up of extremely rare Yokosuka B4Y "Jean" belonging to the Tateyama Ku. Unbelievable that these very old aircraft could survive until the end of the war in what looks to be pristine condition.

Tateyama Ku, tail marking "タ-" (TA-) was one of the oldest IJNAF units organised on June 1, 1930 in Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture, to ease off the congested Yokosuka Ku and to protect the Tokyo bay as well as the areas near the coastline of East Japan. It could operate land-based aircraft and seaplanes and when established it had in its strength carrier fighters, carrier attackers, reconnaissance seaplanes and flying boats; eight of each. It was nicknamed "Tateku".
On December 15, 1944, all the Eastern Japan patrol kokutai, including Tateyama Ku, were merged into the 903 Ku.
A second Tateyama Ku was organised on May 15, 1945, with carrier attack-bombers and patrol seaplanes.


Brendan McGovern said...

Very interesting video. I also wouldn't have thought that any B4Y would have survived to the end of the war.

Best wishes,
Brendan McGovern

Dan Salamone said...

Another gem of a video. Can't recall seeing B4Y's in other than pre/early war colors. Thanks for sharing,