Tuesday 14 May 2013

Pete resting on the beach...by Panagiotis Koubetsos - DONE!!!

Hi all!
Here are some photos of my finished 1/48 Mitsubishi F1M2 'Pete' diorama. I thoroughly enjoyed its 8-month-long build! Making the water for the first time was a real pleasure as apart from other things I had to look at hundreds of exotic South Pacific beaches on the Internet to get some help!!
I'd also like to thank my friend George Eleftheriou for giving me lots of helpful tips all these months!

 Thank you too Pano for sharing photos of your amazing diorama with our blog.
Check for past WIP: here1here3, here4


Calin Ungureanu said...

Excelent diorama !
I like especialy the palm fronds. Are those made from feathers ?
Also the water is very well done and the washed away algae and debris on the shore are very realistic.
Beside the fact that the Reikan is one of my favorites floatplane, this one is made with very much love.
Congratulations for all the effort.
Calin Ungureanu - Romania

Panagiotis said...

Thanks a lot Calin!
The fronds are made of A4 paper sheet cut up in the right shape.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome work, and love the water!

D, Chouinard said...

Beautiful work, Panagiotis!
That last photo is very convincing, as if you waded out in the water and took a photo of the real thing! The detail and hard work you put into the diorama shows, thank you for sharing.

Windswords said...

I have seen examples of Panagiotis' work on jacom, such as the C6N and G4M dioramas. His work is simply "jaw-dropping". If all he did was aircraft alone I would consider him to be one of the best of the best. But his dioramas take it to another level. Panagiotis, conragulations on another superb job. If you ever write a book or manual or create You Tube videos of your modeling techniques, please let us mere mortals know so that we can improve our skills. Thank you sir!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and full of spirit of the southern seas as I wrote in some other forum! But what about a PZL24 in Eleusis? Best regards and Eufharisto Poli!

Panagiotis said...

Thank you all for your kind replies gentlemen!..When I finish a double project concerning Hirano's Zero I'll upload a video with my IJNAF projects on you tube..
Kind regards,

fugaku said...

More awesome work. You should definitely do some videos or eventually put together a book of your projects with a how-to WIP angle. So many effective techniques and fearless scratchbuilding (and beautifully photographed)! Salute!