Sunday 4 February 2018

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 007 - TIM HORTMAN

Tim's model collection fell victim to a serious accident but he would nevertheless like to take part in our contest with photos of one of the models he used to have. He says: "Attached are some smaller images of a 1/48 Hasegawa Ki-61 with Rising Decals "Dying Sun" from VMF-322 Okinawa May 1945. Kit was built oob and as per actual images (The decal color callouts were not correct)."
- Tim Hortman -



Toryu said...

These captured planes did have unusual markings. It's obvious that from a distance the Ki-61 could easily be mistaken for a P-51B. What is the dark camouflage meant to be - USN glossy sea blue? Nice model - 4.3.

D. Chouinard said...

Nice Ki-61! What was incorrect about the color call outs? 4.7

Anonymous said...

Some of these captured aircraft may have been hastily painted using whatever supplies were at hand, so the "blue" may not be regulation, or it may be regulation but has oxidized. At any rate it looks like the logic behind the paint scheme was "red, white and blue". My vote is 4.5

Wind Swords

Tim Hortman said...

Thank you
From what I recall the original decal directions had the tail in blue, rather than red. I believe later issues of the decals had corrected this.
It was built too many years ago to recall what paints & colors were used.
Regards, Tim

Arawasi said...

Pitty we can't see more photos of this lovely model. 4.5

The kit slayer said...

Good build of an interesting subject. Cant help but think the Ki-61 is a good looking machine in whatever scheme its presented. Good cockpit framing.