Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 014 - MICHAEL FURRY

1/48 Tamiya A6M2.
The very old, but still respectable Tamiya A6M2.  I added brake lines to the main gear, replaced the seat and instrument panel with parts from a Hasegawa kit, and used stretched sprue for the aerial wire.  Paint is Floquil aged concrete with some strategically applied light gray.   The markings are a combination of paint, Aeromaster decals, and Hobby Decal dry transfers.  The profile depicted a red band on the rear fuselage, but I chose blue for the contrast, so the markings are more fiction than fact. 

- Michael Furry, USA -


Arawasi said...

That's an overall color I like! Nice overall effort, Mike. 9

Toryu said...

A very nice and flawless model. The weathering is well done and the chalky colour is a good compromise between old convinctions and recent research. 9.8

MH said...

Althought a fiction marking, the modell is very fine built.
I agree too, the weathering looks very realistic.
In all very good Reisen.


Unknown said...

Very well done. One the best faded paint jobs I've ever seen. Also a nice build of an old kit. a 10 all the way

D. Chouinard said...

I like the old Tamiya kit. The only niggle I can see is that the prop stripes area bit far apart. I like the weathering and overall look of the model. 9

David Brizzard said...

What about the Red wing walk markings.
Should they be open on the outer ends.

I vote 8

Honza78 said...

Very good job.
Hilarious illumination of paint.
I give 9,5 points.

Gerry said...

Excellent build. Always remember paint markings could vary from a/c to a/c. A model is defined as a reasonable facsimile of the real thing and this a great effort. 10 points.

Gerry, USA