Friday, 28 August 2020

IJAAF & IJNAF wrecked aircraft #48 - Philippines pt. 5

Below is another video, from here, featuring the same subject; the TAIU in the Philippines working on captured Japanese aircraft. 

There are a few different shots not included in the previous video. 
In the first still we can see a Yokosuka D4Y3 "Suisei" (Judy) getting restored to flyable condition.

The second aircraft is a Nakajima B6N "Tenzan" (Jill).

It's this aircraft in the panoramic photo.

The tail marking seems to have been overpainted, so it is certainly not the one without a tail marking. It could be the "01-35" or perhaps another "Tenzan".

And finally we can see the TAIU crews servicing a "Toryu".

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Anonymous said...

Do you know when this film was made? I noticed the narrator said the Ki-84 Frank had a top speed of 426 mph. If this film was edited and produced before the Ki-84 was tested in the US (with US fuel and spark plugs as the story goes) then it proves that the speed figure was calculated from the Japanese manual and not from a US post war test.

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