Monday, 8 October 2018

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 009 - LEON KLOKE

I finally got the three planes ready for a photographic-session today, brought them out in the last reliable daylight and took some tons of pics.
Well just some very short notice to the kits (any aircraft-history not available right now, cause I am writing this in a shortage of time...  as usual ;) ). But questions asked, I will try to answer. Anyway I guess you guys will figure out those information all on your own, considering your overwhelming knowledge with the japanese flyers.
The Hayates are both Hasegawas 1/72. The one with Momotaro (Peach Boy, a mythological figure of the Japanese, as I have learned during my build) is a very old build which I recycled for the contest. I opened the (crappy) canopy and redesigned the cockpit interior (Aires I believe). The rest went basically oob.
The Nate (George already did in 1/48 for this contest) is Mania, also 1/72. I did some extra work with the cockpit and the gunsight and took a bomb from another kit and also slightly gave it some more of a realistic look (at least what I think of is one ;) ).
The Ki 84 from the 101st Sentai was originally planned for the Hayate-contest before. But my usual delays forced me to go "kamikaze". Well she got a resin motor with some extra wires, the cmk cockpit and weaponry set and some extra detailing around the landing gear and the drop-tank holding mechanism. Yes, she is also 1/72 Hasegawa.
Well I see many flaws in those not yet 100% finished models but over all I like the results!

- Leon Kloke -



Baronvonrob said...

Very nice !

Toryu said...

Good builds. I like the Hayate of the 101st Sentai most. 8.0 for the open access doors and for presenting three models.

D. Chouinard said...

Taken as a group, I think it's a good effort overall. 8.0

Anonymous said...

My vote is 8 also. I really like the Nate. It's cute!

Wind Swords

Arawasi said...

I agree. I like the overall effort. 8.