Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Japanese Avaition SIG NEWS - St. Ives Show

A special thanks to Richard Brooker, Dick Delaney, Peter James, Peter Terry and Glenn Wilson for making our display such a good one. Ian Christmas, Julian Dixon, John Drummond, Jack Lassiter, Lawrence Paffett and Mike Starmer were there too. There's nothing like moral support!
It was a really good show, lots of activity, good vendors and displays in abundance giving us food for thought. 
I'll be taking the SIG to Belgium this weekend to support IPMS Belgium in their 50th anniversary celebration. If you are attending and would like to display, let me know. I'll be taking 1/32 models.
Apart from Belgium our next show is Scale ModelWorld at Telford. I hope to see you there.
- Gary Wenko -

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