Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Japanese Avaition SIG NEWS - IPMS Belgium Nationals


The drive was long, coupled with the ferry, but the display was very well received. It was the 50th anniversary of IPMS Belgium and I couldn't refuse the invitation to take the JASIG across.
What's interesting about the shows on the continent is how different they are and the subject matter.  There were, of course, vendors of both new and old kits and if you're anything like me, there is always something to find. I was impressed with how much less kits cost there too. There weren't too many models of Japanese subjects. 
Anyway, attached is a couple of photos of the stand. I took large scale stuff for ease of set up. 

- Gary Wenko -


Arawasi said...

Well, it would be interesting to see the prices of European models after Brexit is completed.
Also interesting to see if Britain will join TPP and how this will affect the prices of Japanese kits in the UK.
Weird times...

Danilo said...

....supposed they (the British) will ever put in effect Brexit! Years ago prices of models imported from UK were convenient as we hadn't to pay VAT, but today prices are pretty high thanks to the exchange rate sterling pound/euro as well. We will see, it might be an opportunity...
In any case, yes they're weird times if the financial european industry doesn't stop draining all our resources.