Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 008 - MIRO HEROLD

Hasegawa 1/72 + MYK Design decals and Falcon canopy
1st Rensei Hikótai, 520. Rinji Bóju Sentai,
Pilot: 2nd Lt. Kurai Toshizo, spring 1945

 - Miro Herold, Germany -


Arawasi said...

Very correctly built "Hayate" and an interesting one! I see some problems with the wing leading edge where the seam is very visible and the gun barrels protrude too much but overall a very fine model with correct amount of weathering on an old kit. Love the radio line! I'd like to reward the effort for accuracy and therefore 4.7 from me.

Bob Deinhardt said...

Now that's perfect.

Honza78 said...

Nice work. On a 1:72 scale, you have my admiration.
I give 4.7 points.

Toryu said...

A great model, nice weathering. I would assume the area under the canopy is rather painted with anti-glare colour (blue-black or maroon). Again a 4.7

D. Chouinard said...

A nice Hayate! There are some build issues, which others have noted, but very effective weathering. 4.6

Anonymous said...

For 1/72 this is a very fine effort. Yes, it's not without (minor) faults, but I would be proud to have it on my shelf.
Since it is better to praise than criticize, I will note that he got the antenna wires correct (one from the mast to the tail and the other from the mast to the starboard side elevator). I have seen many fine Hayate models that do not get this correct. My vote is a 4.6 for a solid entry.

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Danilo said...

Very nice model despite some issues - which in general I can share - but again I would have done major efforts to increase stains and dirt on the undersides. However the subject looks good. For me 4.6