Thursday 3 May 2018

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 008 - JEAN BARBY

I built this model long ago, using the Hasegawa kit, fully riveted, and the SBS cockpit plus CMK armement set for the wing gun. The scheme depicts a plane from the 104th Sentai in China, with the late war olive drab on top and IJAAF grey underside. The chipping was done with the hairspray technic.
- Jean Barby, France - 


Arawasi said...

MAGNIFIQUE! A solid 5.0.

Honza78 said...

Good job!!! Very good piece.

Danilo said...

Very fine job indeed. Apart from the chipping which is pretty realistic, I would have well seen more weathering on the upper surfaces just to better comply with the paint chipping and the underbelly dirt. But this maybe is only a very personal taste.
The model is otherwise perfect and very attractive. For me 4.9

Toryu said...

Looks really great! You are a master in chipping and weathering, particularly with the hairspray method. I'm still struggling with getting an acceptable result out of this technique. This model's finish is just perfect.
You mention that you built the model 'years ago'. I understand that then there was not as much information available about Hayate camouflage as today, because I have some doubts about the colours you used on this specific airplane.
My vote therefore 4.6

D. Chouinard said...

Brilliant! Nice oil and dirt streaks, chipping, and exhaust stains Having been around many (old) airplanes, I can say from personal experience, it can get nasty. In wartime, more so. 5.0

Anonymous said...

What scale is it?
1/48 I believe.


MH said...

Miro Herold said...

Oh yes, first, the model is very clean and accurate built. Perfect chiping and well done dirt on the lower parts. Nice details with the open-weapon-boxes. I like the kit.
For me 4,9

Anonymous said...

I have never failed to be impressed with Jean's work. My vote is 4.8

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