Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Shizuoka 2018 pt.2

Niigata Aircraft Modelers (Niigata Pref.) 
All "Hien" models in 1/32.
The "Rufe" was accompanied by a photo as proof of the paint scheme.

Tail Hook Club (Aichi Pref.)
HIYAMESI-Kai (Yokohama)
WAKAYAMA non-flight CLUB (Wakayama Pref.)
National Solid Model Federation
Scratch built in 1/32 by Shirane-san
Matsudo Meisaikai
All models scratch built in 1/32 by Komuro-san.
Hard & Light (Shizuoka Pref.)

P.M.C. Kugisho (Shizuoka Pref.)

SIRIUS (Kyoto)
Very impressive Wingnut Type 89 Floatplane by Suzuki Shuichi-san 

Hamamatsu BMC (Shizuoka Pref.)
Some of the best models and definitely the best table of the show.
This year's theme was "Famous Mitsubishi Fighters". 
All models are hand-painted by brush and no decals were used.
Note the amazing all-wooden scratch-built Mitsubishi Ki-83 by Suzuki Toshiyuki-san



Michael Furry said...

I am impressed by the Ki-60 and Ki-87. I am not sure what type the other aircraft is in that set of photos, but all are simply amazing. The build and finish of the J8M1 is also impressive.
I am guessing the "what if" A7M3-J was built using the Fine Molds kit as a base then modified? Very cool and definitely unique.
Great job to all that displayed!

Arawasi said...

Michael, if you are asking about the plane in the middle photo by Komuro-san it is the Kawasaki Ki-88 of which only a mock-up was completed.

Michael Furry said...

Thank you, I have not heard of the Ki-88. Very clever how the build represents the mock-up.

George Bryant said...

A very impressive line up. I especially liked the Type 89 Floatplane.

Eric Vogel said...

Thanks for showing these great models, what a pleasure to watch them.

Harold K said...

Komuro-san's scratchbuilt Ki-60 is wonderful; the NMF is EXCEPTIONAL, very convincing.
Best in show, however, goes to the Fugaku from Yokohama. Never mind that it's only a what-if, I love it.