Wednesday 17 August 2016

Kaigun Yobi Kokudan - Yokosuka K4Y1 - video

An October 8, 1940 short clip from the NHK news collection featuring university student pilots of the "Kaigun Yobi Kokudan" (Navy Reserve Air Group) of the IJNAF. This particular group was based in Otsu city, Shiga prefecture and is seen flying Yokosuka K4Y1 Trainer Seaplanes from lake Biwa
Visible civilian registrations are: J-BBPJ, J-BEHD, J-BBPZ  and J-BEHC.
Notice that curiously the J-BBPJ registration is not included in the online civilian register or the very latest brilliant "J-BIRD" book. 
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Monday 15 August 2016

2016 Columbia IPMS US Nationals

Some photos of the Japanese aircraft models in the latest IPMS US Nationals very kindly sent by Allan Jeffery. Visit Allan's blog, HERE, for more photos! 

Thursday 11 August 2016

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 001 - OTSUKI HAJIME

Our very good friend Otsuki-san from Kanagawa Prefecture sent over photos of some of the experimental/prototype Japanese aircraft models in his huge collection. He explained:
I picked up several Japanese Experimental Aircraft from my show case in front of me for your blog.
In the show case, there are about 400 aircraft models in 1/72, but all are prop ones.
I would like to send you some pictures of the following models, all in 1/72: 

(1) Kawasaki Ki-78 (Ken-3)   (Unlimited Air Models, aka ANLIMI –Model in Japan)

(2)  Kawasaki Ki-60 Experimental Heavy Fighter (RS Models CZ)

(3) Kawasaki Ki-64 Experimental High Speed Fighter (MPM CZ)



(4) Tachikawa  Lockheed Type-B SS-1  High –altitude Research Plane ( FE Resin & Co. CZ)


(5)  Nakajima "Saiun-Kai" C6N2 (with  Supercharger,  FUJIMI Japan)

I hope you like them.

I'm sure you will agree that the brilliant variety of subjects more than compensates for the quality of the photos.

Sunday 7 August 2016

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 001 - CAMERON LOHMANN

Cameron Lohmann "Fluffysmodels" from Florida, USA built the Finemolds Mitsubishi Ka-14 (the first Mitsubishi A5M "Claude" prototype) in 1/48 specifically to participate in our contest and added: 
This kit is FANTASTIC!  It looks like the company put a great deal of work into it and I think it's the best Finemolds kit I have ever worked with.
I was worried about the color of the tail not matching with the red of the provided decals so I painted all the markings but for he stripes on the propeller.  I love how minimalist this plane looks.  It makes the inverted gull-wings really stand out.
Thank you!
- Fluffy -

Fluffy sent today, upon request, some photos without the instruction background. 

Tuesday 2 August 2016

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 001 - ZBYSZEK MALICKI

Zbyszek Malicki from Poland would like to participate in our competition with his Mitsubishi Ki-83 in 1/72, an old (first) MPM edition of this model.
Don't forget to visit his blog for more photos, HERE.