Tuesday 31 March 2020

Kawasaki Ki-78 Ken-3 Video discovered!!!

Footage of the Kawasaki Ki-78 (Ken3) has been unearthed and is absolutely amazing!
Here's the link for the video and the story of the discovery.
Most probably the pilot is Kataoka who did the reccord flight reaching 699.9km/h.
Special thanks to Gary Wenko for the heads-up.
Some stills below.

Sunday 29 March 2020

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 014 - JAN KANOV - WIP #3

I just want to add some information. The model was equipped with a cockpit from CMK (Czech Master Kits). It is not directly on the model 11, but originally on the model 52b / c (rolled in the cabinet). Nobody knows this when looking into the cockpit. From this set I used only the most necessary and the pilot's seat was supplied from the kit.
 The seat is completed with textile belts from the set HGWmodels. The assembly of belts is not recommended for people with weak will !!! The number of suicides could increase.:D . . . . But the result is phenomenal !!!!!!
 To diversify the model, I decided to try another novelty (at least for me) namely WET TRANSFER from HGWmodels. This excited me. And so much so that it perfectly outweighs the time needed for their application. It is true that the smallest things must not always be done, but if they succeed, they have no competition.
 Propeller, so here you can see the fineness of Transfers. Others will show up in the final work on the fuselage and wings.
I did not use a single decal from the kit. I used hair spray masks for matriculation of the machine and other markings. Hinomaru and red border on wings as well.

- Jan Kanov - 

Saturday 28 March 2020

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 014 - JAN KANOV - WIP #2

More photos of the WIP of Jan's Mitsubishi A6M2a Type 11, Hasegawa 1:48