Saturday 29 June 2019

Pilot uniforms and equipment - IJNAF #2

The one-piece Navy pilot's winter uniform below was also recently sold on the Japanese ebay. It's a Type 1942 and was almost identical to the Type 1934. The fur on the lapel could be brown or white.



The tag says "Supplied by: Second Uniform Factory Arsenal - Made in: September 1943 - Size: 3 - Name: ?" 



Below is a photo of W.O. Suzuki Kiyonobu, a Navy fighter ace with more than nine kills. He is wearing a Type 1934 uniform and is standing in front of a Mitsubishi A5M.

Tuesday 25 June 2019

Pilot uniforms and equipment - IJAAF

Below is an IJAAF winter pilot's one-piece uniform recently on-sale on the Japanese ebay. Not much is known about Army pilot uniforms; this is probably a 1941 issued uniform. Unlike the Navy uniform featured in the previous posting, I'm not 100% sure this is an original, not a replica, uniform. Most probably is original and it seems the previous owner used wore to paint his house. Unless! this is aircraft paint!


And this a photo from the Arawasi collection featuring Army fighter pilots, wearing the above uniform, during training; probably in Akeno.

Monday 24 June 2019

Pilot uniforms and equipment - IJNAF

A number of very interesting pilot uniforms and equipment were recently on sale on the Japanese ebay so here are the photos. First up an IJNAF set without boots or trousers but with the fairly rare speaking tube. It's the jacket of a two piece summer uniform, the helmet is winter version.


The goggles were made by "Nichiman Kogyo KK". The company stamp can be seen in the photo below.

On the side of the rubber band is the name of the owner.

The interior lining was rabit fur.
The label on the jacket interior says "Yokosuka Gunju-bu" (Yokosuka Munitions Department) and the name of the owner, Yajima Zenjiro.

The patch above indicated that the pilot's rank was Flight Petty Officer 1st Class.
The green patch featured the name of the pilot. The inscription around the rising sun flag says "Ippachu Hicho" (one shot , one hit) usually associated with tokotai pilots.
In case you want to know, the whole set was sold for 3000$US.