Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 011

Friday, 14 June 2019

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 011 - And the winner is...

Derek Cooper, Pawel Dudasz, BaronVonRob and Leon Kloke
Congratulations guys!
Very few entries this time and very few people voted. I guess you got tired of our contests?
The theme for the next online model contest is Japanese Bombers and will start from July 1.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 011 - LEON KLOKE #2

The first is rs-models Tachikawa Ki-87. The kit required some filler especially around the wings and the canopy. I added some cockpit detail which you barely will see. All in all a nice kit with some work around it.
Then there is Hasegawa J7W which I started years ago. I finished it for the contest. There is eduard's photo-etch set for detailing it up especially round the cockpit and the landing gear. The colour scheme was inspired by a set of photos of the type I found in the internet. A very attractive plane and nice and easy build with a little bit of filler needed.
In the first set of photos the antenna is missing but, as you can see it's fixed.
- Leon Kloke - Germany

Friday, 7 June 2019

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 011 - LEON KLOKE #1

Here is my contribution to the contest. All the kits are in 1/72.
First up is the carrier version of the Kawanishi N1K "George" . It's Aoshima and built well oob. The only things I added were some seat harness and wire for the landing gear. I actually started the model for the "George" contest...
The Mitsubishi A7M "Reppu" (Sam) are Fine Mold's nice kits. The A7M1 was build some years ago and the M2 was built for the contest... Both are almost oob.
- Leon Kloke - Germany

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 011 - BARONVONROB

The venerable Fine Molds Yokosuka R2Y "Keiun" in 1/72, built all straight out of the box using Tamiya paint mixes and EZline for the radio wire.
- BaronVonRob, USA - 

Monday, 3 June 2019

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 011 - PAWEL DUDASZ

Here's a model I built a few years ago. It's a Nakajima J8N1 "Kikka", papercraft, 1:33 scale, by Answer publishing.

- Pawel Dudasz, Poland -


Sunday, 26 May 2019


Title: Welcome Aboard: Memorabilia from the Early Years of Japanese Air Journeys
Author & publisher: Yanagisawa Koji, May 2019, p/b
Pages: 250
Photos: 260+ b/w
Size: 18X26 cm
An absolutely amazing publication featuring the private collection of one of the very few experts on the little known subject of Japanese civilian aviation; Yanagisawa Koji. All in color, every page offers a surprise. Hundreds of posters, stickers, pamphlets and incredible images of every kind of memorabilia from the early Japanese airlines but also the Manchukuo and China (under Japanese control) that travel the reader to long gone but most exciting times. A very unique and beautiful publication with VERY high quality photos in an excellent lay-out that makes this book an absolute pleasure to read. All the captions are in English.
One of the best aviation books ever published in Japan!
Available from our on-line store, HERE.


Sunday, 19 May 2019

Mitsubishi G3M "Nell", Oihama Kokutai - video

A September 14, 1943 video clip from the NHK collection offering a very nice view of the maintainance of Mitsubishi G3M "Nell".
"Tip the top of the rudder to place first the lever at the botoom"
On August 24, headmasters of Technical Schools from all over the country joined the Navy for one day to experience first-hand the training of the maintenance crews, who are behind the brilliant Navy "Sea Eagles".
The unit is the Oihama Kokutai as indicated by the "オヒ" (OHI) in katakana on the tail.
The bottom says "the Navy saw this and gave the approval number 103"
Check HERE for more on the unit, the name and more.

Friday, 17 May 2019

Nakajima Ki-115 "Tsurugi" by Jan Kanov WIP#2

Second set of photos is of the fuselage.