Monday 28 September 2015

Nakajima E8N1 "Dave" in German Service

The following very interesting information and photos were sent for our blog from Miro Herold:

One Nakajima E8N1 Dave was in service on board the auxiliary cruiser “Orion. The fuselage insignia were overpainted with fictitious RAF roundels and white serial number L 5196.
On May 26, 1941 there was an accident during take-off and the E8N1 with pilot Oblt. zur See Klaus von Winterfeld and observer Oberflugmeister Pässler sunk in a position east from Madagascar 18°52’ S and 51°06’ O.
A second Nakajima E8N1 Dave was ordered from Japan for the auxiliary cruiser “Stier” as replacement for the two Arado Ar-231. The Germans found that they were not suitable for the kind of service they wanted them since the engine could not be started once on water. The German supply ship MS “Tannenfels” then loaded only one E8N1 from Yokohama and cruised back to the Atlantic to meet the “Stier”. On September 25, 1942 finally the two ships met in the South Atlantic and the German team was able to take a look at the seaplane. Upon close inspection the seaplane was declared as in bad condition and therefore unsuitable for front-line service. "Stier" didn't take the plane and stayed on MS “Tannenfels”. Two days later, the “Stier” was sunk after a sea battle with the armoured Liberty ship “Stephen Hopkins”.
Question: what happened to the "Dave" on board "Tannenfels"?
E8N1 Dave on board MS "Thannenfels"

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