Tuesday 31 May 2016


Ten years after the publication of the first volume of "Baron Miyahara and his World of Aircraft" (now out-of-print), the Japan Aeronautic Association Aviation Heritage Archive has just released a brand new book and is HUGE! 
The title is: J-BIRD: Japanese Aircraft Register 1921-1945
It is a list with information of all the known Japanese civilian registers (J-XXXX) including gliders, plus the civilian registers of Manchukuo and the China Airways. It's 438 pages long and features no less than 915 photos!!! A tremendous effort, some of the authors I know have been working on it for more than 20 years. Most of the photos are of very high quality with many civilian aircraft seen for the very first time in print and dozens of extremely interesting paint schemes and markings. Apart from the photos the book features articles regarding the way the civilian markings were applied, the complex registration process that changed through time and more. The book is similar to Model Art #327, all in Japanese, with no colour pages or artwork. Nevertheless it is a truly amazing book and essential for every fan of Japanese aviation as it covers to a large degree the much ignored (not by Arawasi though as our readers know well) Civilian Aviation of Japan. 
It is an absolute must and highly recommended without any reservations.
The book is available from Arawasi, HERE. Price is $US50, postage not included, and keep in mind that it is more than 1kg heavy and worth the price.


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I just received this book, what a great tome of information!!! Many never before seen types and pictures ( I for one did not know there was civil Nakajima A2N Type 90, more pictures of that one?). Heavily recomended!