Sunday 27 November 2016

Yokosuka D4Y "Suisei" (Judy) - video

A December 7, 1943 short clip from the NHK collection presenting the "new Navy aircraft"; a Yokosuka D4Y1 "Suisei" (Judy). Nothing else significant is mentioned in the clip narration except from the fact that the aircraft is flying over the Solomon area and specifically over Tulagi, Munda and Guadalcanal on a reconnaissance mission.
The setting is identical to the one in the photo of FAOW #69, p.23 top. According to the caption the plane belonged to the 151Ku with only one 330l drop tank under the starboard wing, exactly as in the video. This drop tank gave the plane a range of 2,400-2,500km, enough for reconnaissance missions over Guadalcanal.

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