Friday 20 January 2017

Artist - Vladimir Martinicky (4)

Another beautiful painting by Mr. Vladimir Martinicky, this time a Mitsubishi A6M2b model 21 Zero, Zuikaku aircraft carrier.
Moc ďakujem.
Juan Carlos Castilla from Mexico City asked: I know that the full name of the Japanese fighter Mitsubishi A6M is rei-shiki kanjō sentōki but I was wondering, how would you say or pronounce Model 21 or Model 32, in Japanese?
Answer: Nijūichi Gata (Model 21), Sanjūni Gata (Model 32), Gojūni Gata (Model 52).
The word Model is translated as Gata, Type is Shiki.
Be careful to pronounce kanjō correctly with an English J, because kanchō means enema!

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D. chouinard said...

Very nice as always!