Sunday 31 December 2017


2018, the year of the dog.

Last year was much much better than the previous one in many respects. Issue #13 of our magazine came out in July and is the best we have released so far. Copies are still available. We had planned one Eagle Eye for this year but it has been rescheduled for 2018. It's going to be a big one! We have also scheduled the release of the first Arawasi T-shirt in January! Help us out by leaving a message with your preferable size (L, XL, 2XL?). So, all in all, stay tuna for our new releases.
We have been thoroughly enjoying the "Rufe" series on this blog and from your reaction we feel you do too. So, more coming up next year. And don't forget to check older posts for updates.  
Four successful modelling contests this year. We would like to thank everybody who took part, voted and left a comment. Rene de Koning, Derek Cooper, Carlo Reita, Cameron "ArchFluffy" Lohmann, Mike Terre, Jan Kaňov, Wind Swords, Jacob Terlouw, Brendan M, Adam O'Brien, Zbigniew Malicki, Fabio Balzano, Calin Ungureanu, DizzyFugu, Leon Kloke, Alex Tran, Mark Jahsan, Fabrizio Tommasini, Jean Barby, Allan "The Kit Slayer" Jeffery, Michael Thurow, Miroslav Zajíc, Michael Furry, James, Hatake, Haku, PianoMan, Panagiotis Koubetsos, Hervik, Bruce S., Charlie, R. Laurent, J. Kimak, Roberto Anderwill, Pat Donahue, Prof. Nemisis Goosehabit, Mikhail Ageenko Gustavo Antonelli, Hub Plott and David Brizzard. 
We received a request for extension so our 6th contest will end on January 15. Nest one will be on "captured planes".
A special thank-you to everybody who contributed to this blog: Dan Salamone, Miro Herold, Vladimir Martinicky, Octávio Mântua, Adam O'Brien and Laurent Chambon.
And finally a HUUUUGE "thank you" to our good friends:
Sinang AribowoJames Boyd, Devlin Chouinard, Danilo Renzulli, Eric Vogel and Zygmunt Szeremeta (wherever he may be). 
All the best for the new year to everybody. Let's hope 2018 is more productive, enjoyable and funny than 2017 especially in this politically charged world we are living. And enjoy modelling!


David S. said...

Wishing Arawasi and all readers a healthy, prosperous and happy New Year!
It's a pleasure to stop by every time and I'm looking forward to the next year. Especially curious about the topic of the forthcoming Eagle Eye and how the Rufes story continues. :)
Luckily there are places and international communities like this. Thanks to everyone.
Again, a HAPPY NEW YEAR from 2017 to the now already 2018, time traveling Tokyo and everyone else.
David S.

Michael Fury said...

Wishing all a happy New Year! As the tune goes, we'll take a cup of kindness to auld lange syne. Happy New Year to everyone!

Honza78 said...

Also from us from South Bohemia only the best in 2018.
For all the right dose of enthusiasm and enough strength for this wonderful hobby!
Sincerely, Jan Kaňov.

Michael Thurow said...

Happy New Year to you and your family, George, and to all fellow modellers.

Ryan B. said...

He's on your tail! And...he's sniffing it.

D. Chouinard said...

Happy New Year to everyone! Looking forward to the year to come, I'm sure it will be fascinating!

Calin Ungureanu said...

Happy new year to everybody ! I wish you have good health and time to spent for modelling your favorite projects !