Tuesday 21 August 2018

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 009 - MICHAEL THUROW

Kawasaki Ki-45 "Toryu" (Nick)
In November 1944, the 53rd Hiko Sentai was ordered to form a shinten seikutai flight of Toryu for air-to-air ramming attacks. Aircraft # 98 was one of them, embellished with the conspicious karimata arrow. The Ki-45 KAI Tei was modified by removing armament, abandoning the rear cockpit and cutting back the antenna mast. It is doubtful, however, whether it was ever used for this purpose since the 53rd was relegated as a night fighter unit in January 1945.
The pictures highlight that the Toryu is one of the most appealing airplanes in Japanese military aviation - much too graceful for a suicide mission! My model is based on the Nichimo 1/48 kit, finished in 2010 with several refinements which are described in more detail (including a moment of panic) in my build report here:
Wishing good luck to all contest participants!
- Michael Thurow, Germany -


D. Chouinard said...

I too will give it a 9 for much the same reason Jean mentioned. It looks to be very well done, and I like the context of the fuel truck and airfield personal.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Another 9 type of effort. I read the build report on this and Mr. Thurow went through a lot of research and used aftermarket accessories and parts from a Hasegawa kit in order to make this as good as possible. So a 9 from me. If I could rate it higher than 9 but below a perfect 10 I would.

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Arawasi said...

I agree. It looks stunning! Love the antenna! 9

Raketenmann said...

9 for all the reasons said above and because I really enjoy the beauty of your build!