Friday, 26 April 2019

Mitsubishi A6M5 Koh by Jean Barby

Here are pictures of my latest built: An A6M5 koh from the 601 Ku based on the IJN Taiho during the Mariannas fight where the IJN planes were decimated. MP Yoshimi Minanmi did return from this hell on the 19th of June, only to be wounded when the Taiho sank. The model is the Tamiya’s one, fully riveted, I have used the Aires resin cockpit be it is useless as it is a copy of the kit’s, the moving part of the hood is from a Rob taurus canopy, guns are from Fine Molds. The challenge with this built was to show the wear of a few operational sorties as the planes were fairly new. Oils and water colored markers did the job on Mr Color paints. No decals but home made masks with my Silhouette. The plane was built by Mitsubishi. On the pics the angle of the U/C legs was too forward so I include a pic showing the rectification.
- Jean Barby -

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D. Chouinad said...

Beautiful work, Jean! I think the weathering is spot on.