Friday 28 February 2020

Nakajima A2N3 1:48, "A.B. & K" - kit review by Jan Kanov.

Here's a first look of the Nakajima A2N3 "A.B. & K." kit in 1:48 by our friend Jan Kanov from South Bohemia.

The kit is packed in a solid cardboard box with a decent looking colored cover. I really like this trend in packaging. It survived the mail journey without any harm.
Once opened, the folded sheet of color schemes peeks out first. Inside it, is a sheet of decals carefully packed in a rigid foil sealed with an adhesive strip (the trees are also packed this way). Decals look sharp and flawless.
Another folded sheet is devoted to building instructions. At first glance it offers everything you need to know. And it looks clear. I didn't go through it in more detail.

About the trees and kit parts.
The plastic is quite dark compared to the kits we're acustomed to. But it is clean and at first glance free from burrs or larger traces of molds. There are only two places where I noticed spilled plastic through the mold gap. It's on the parts of the fuselage halves at the edge of the cockpit. But this is only a minimal inconvenience and not a serious problem.

The model gives me a very good impression. And I'm glad to have it at home and nobody knows it.:D
But one thing I also felt was slightly unpleasant. The price is pretty high, but if I think. . . . it is a piece of unprecedented aircraft and a high quality kit.
Regarding the possible coloring machines from the kit. I couldn't find anywhere a photo of the aircraft from the aircraft carrier Kaga, with collective exhausts. I found this machine with only individual exhausts. Which narrows the choice very quickly.
But my sources of information are very small. I only have Model Art no510 and a few pictures on the net.:(

- Jan Kanov - 


Dan Salamone said...

Thanks for this review. The color of the plastic on the Wingsy Ki-51 is also rather dark, too. Hoping we continue to see these lesser known Japanese types in 1/48th!


Michael Thurow said...

Today I received this wonderful kit from the Czech Republic. If there weren't any other projects ongoing at the moment I would start it right away - it's so tempting!

Question for George and other readers: What books are out there that cover the A2N (at least partially)?

Thanks, Michael

Honza78 said...

A few pictures and drawings of machine marking and some information (in Japanese) can be found in Model Art No.510.
If it doesn't hurry, I'll try to find a moment and take a picture with my camera. The scanner will damage the book. So if you are interested and not in a hurry?

Michael Thurow said...

Thanks for the information and offer, Honza. That was very kind of you.
I found the book on ebay (for a little unreasonable price) and ordered it. There is more in it that is of value for me.

Arawasi said...

MA #510 is available from our on-line store. The first place you should take a look when searching forJapanese aviation books.