Sunday 6 February 2022

A6M3 Mod 22a, 582 Ku by Jean Barby

Here is my Tamiya 1/48th A6M3 Mod 22a from the 582 Ku while based in Buin. The 22a model is often mistaken for the early Model 52, of which it differs from the wing span. I riveted the whole plane, used a Rob taurus canopy and mixed decals and masks for the markings of Chutaicho Lt-commander Shindo Saburo during the I-Go operation. Paints are from Mr Color and MRP range, guns from the Master range.

- Jean Barby - 


David Brizzard said...

Very well done. Thanks for the posting.

Fabien L said...

Hello Jean !
Always magnificent !
Any problems with MRP Paint (enamel paints, isn'it ?)
Best regards

Michael Thurow said...

Great job Jean! The double stripe looks flamboyant - must have been difficult to apply.

WK said...

Very well done. I wish I could get a hold of the latest Japanese set of MRP (they are lacquers, Fabien) paints, especially for the amber grey.