Friday 15 April 2022

Nakajima Ki-43 "Hayabusa" - 77 Sentai, 33 Sentai & more pt.6

Let's start with beautiful artwork created by our friend Devlin Chouinard of the 77 Sentai "Hayabusa" we saw in the 4th part of this series. HERE!!!

Also, there are a few photos I discovered on the net.
First, is a photo (Haya31) of a rather interesting 33 Sentai "Hayabusa".

Of interest is the tail marking. The red lines are much thicker than those of the aircraft we saw in part 1. Note the absence of a number between the fuselage hinomaru and the white band.

Here's another photo (Haya32) of a different aircraft with the number "6" on the fuselage. Thanks Radek.

The tail marking is not visible but the fuselage number suggests another 33 Sentai "Hayabusa".

Finaly, a photo (Haya33) of a rather intriguing "Hayabusa" found in Madang airfield.
Note the particularly interesting camouflage pattern. Green and brown blotches?
The tail marking looks like that of the 59 Sentai except it looks thinner towards the rudder. And there are no bands on the horizontal tail surfaces. Hmmm....Any thoughts?


Michael Thurow said...

Hi George - excellent series on the Hayabusa! I'm following it with a particular interest for 77th Sentai aircraft.
Is the Katagana glyph on the tail of Devlin's artwork documented somewhere?

Arawasi said...

Thanks Michael. Second time somebody mentions the katakana today. Check pt.4 of the series please.