Sunday, 5 March 2023

Heads Up!

Arma Hobby released a new "Hayate" kit, in 1/72, dedicated to Shimbu-tai

The decals include the aircraft flown by Kono Tadashi of the 57th Shimbu-tai

one of the "Hayate" of the 58th Shimbu-tai (unit history, here)

and previously unknown markings of the 195th Shimbu-tai.

The decal artwork of the last "Hayate" was based on a model built by Arawasi friend and Master Modeler Saito Hisao,

who contributed to the Arma Hobby page a most interesting article about this previously unknown unit,  with photos that confirm the specific markings.

You can read the article HERE

Let's hear now from the 1/48 guys the usual cries for a larger-scale release...(yawn!)

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WK said...

Very cool to see something new pop up.